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    Sep 20    
Have you Seen Terms and Conditions May Apply on Netflix?

    Sep 10    
Are You Ready to Defend Net Neutrality?

    Sep 5    
5 Super Weird Facts About Facebook?

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    Sep 3    
Women as Background Decoration

    Aug 27    
Are there fake Geek Girls, 2?

    Aug 27    
Are there fake geek girls?


"Broadly speaking, then, there are three things publishers can do to appeal to the growing female audience. First, stop demeaning women — because insulting the people you’re selling to is not a good look. Second, give your audience heroes they can celebrate, e.g. books with female lead heroes. Third, hire women.

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    Aug 26    
"Girl Fight: The Marvel/DC Rivalry Finally Extends To Winning The Female Audience Read More: The Marvel/DC Rivalry Finally Extends To Winning Female Fans"
    Aug 13  


Here’s a video from our Internetting While Female panel with Carolyn Petit, Katherine Cross and I at GaymerX last week.

    Aug 13    
Support the Jenny LeClue Adventure Game

Todrick Hall and Pentatonix

    Aug 7    
Pop Moments: The Wizard of Ahhhs